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Majeski Makes the Falloween Race A Thriller

Located minutes away from the historic downtown Wisconsin Dells tourist district, Dells Raceway Park is a 1/3 mile bullring that boasts exciting side by side racing that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

For the 3rd time, Ty Majeski wins the last event of the season at Dells Raceway Park. Ty has been touted as “the one to beat” every time he tosses his hat in the ring. He did not disappoint on Sunday, October 24. The Falloween 150 is segmented into 2 75 lap segments with a mandatory caution separating them.

After qualifying 6th of 29 cars, the invert pushed him up to a 3rd spot starting position. Knowing it is a 150 Lap race, Majeski patiently logged laps. Poking his nose in for the pass Several times but not pushing it, he settled for second place for a few laps before he overtook the lead car to assume the top spot. There were several cautions that presented challenges for the lead but our driver came out on top every time. Ty lead the remainder of the race. A caution came out with 6 to go which raised anxiety. The restart was questionable and yellow came back out. When the final green flag was dropped, the next flag Ty saw was the checkered flag. “Those restarts were brutal,” stated Ty, “I was getting pinched down and I didn’t want to wreck. I just took it easy because I knew my IRacing, Ken’s Sports, Mannstedt Steel car was going to be tough to beat. The 119 tried everything but I was obviously the dominant car out there.” Majeski went on, “It’s been a great season for the 91 car and crew. I always say, we are the dream team. That’s what it takes to be as consistent as we are. These guys put their heart and souls into our program and it shows. I can’t thank them enough!”

Check out the video link and watch the excitement!


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